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WB-X Nano Top-CoatWB-X Nano Top-Coat
Product WB-X Nano Top-Coat
8: WB-X Nano Top-Coat
Product no. WB-X Nano Top-Coat


WB-X Nano Top-Coat is a product you’ve been waiting for. A single component coating that can almost do it all.
It is a new self-cross-linking nano-based waterborne copolymer that may just be the most versatile and important high-performance coating on the market.
It is the perfect final step in concrete polishing where it fills the pores and adds or reduces gloss without risk of whitening.
It adheres to alkalines such as ASRcompromised concrete and also adheres to acidics such as incompletely neutralized substrates.
It seals and protects a multitude of substrates. Such as open and polished concrete, block, brick, pavers, stucco, stamped concrete, micro-toppings, self-leveling cements and many dimensional stones both interior and exterior.
It has a very high abrasion-resistance for superb durability. It has outstanding stain resistance for multi-site use and is efflorescence resistant for easier cleaning.
This product is UV stable for exterior and interior use, for use over both tight and open surfaces.
It is very fast drying for job-site efficiency, water submersible with early water resistance, low odor, and offers excellent blush resistance.
It is VOC compliant, and both a color carrier and colorable sealer. Available in Gloss and XTRA Low Gloss. Call for Chemical Resistance Results for your project 615-566-3065

5 Gallons.

WB-X 5 Gallon Pail. Coverage Rate is approx..2,500. sq. ft. per pail. About 25 cents per sq. ft. Two coat application.

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