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Wakefield Color SystemWakefield Color System
Product Wakefield Color System
3: Wakefield Color System
Product no. Wakefield Color System


Completely customizable color dye system for use with Wakefield products.
Use with InnerSeal Densi-Dye, ColorSeal 3000 or WB-X Top-Coat to add brilliant color to the already advanced Wakefield sealers.
Each 1 pint bottle tints a 5 gallon pail to a 100% color loading. Simply add less pigment to achieve a more translucent color or use a full 100% load for a rich opaque color. This system gives you the unique ability to offer each standard color in varying intensities.
Wakefield Colors vary in cost depending on color selected. Price range is $ 50.00 to $ 200.00 per pint. One pint cant color up to 4 pails of InnerSeal Densi-Dye.

See Color Chart

Note: these are the basic colors, there are hundreds available and can be mixed to your specifications.

Color System Options

Color System Options
Color System Options
Color System Options

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