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Tuf Sponge - Deluxe Ribbed Vinyl Sponge Mat - Product no. 442Tuf Sponge - Deluxe Ribbed Vinyl Sponge Mat
Product 442
22: Tuf Sponge - Deluxe Ribbed Vinyl Sponge Mat
Product no. 442


Deluxe Tuf Sponge is a fantastic choice for practical and economical comfort. This blown-vinyl sponge is ergonomically designed to reduce floor hardness by up to 50%. Rolls of Tuf Sponge can easily be custom cut to fit your work areas. This thicker and softer formulation really feels great. Designed to prevent standing worker fatigue without emptying your wallet, Deluxe Tuf Sponge is exceptionally comfortable and is a full 5/8" thick. Economic comfort for light industrial applications
Safety rounded edges
Standard lengths or easily cut to fit on-site

Tuf Sponge Color Options

Tuf Sponge Color Options

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