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Anti-Fatigue Matting
Hog Heaven Modular Tile IIHog Heaven Modular Tile II
Product Hog Heaven Modular Tile II
48: Hog Heaven Modular Tile II
Product no. Hog Heaven Modular Tile II


Outstanding anti-fatigue qualities for dry areas
Solid 20% recycled Nitrile rubber top surface has excellent chemical and oil resistance
Closed cell Nitrile rubber cushion provides long lasting comfort
Welding safe
Nitrile rubber surface is molded to the cushion backing (not glued) so the surface will not delaminate
Rubber surface remains flexible for the life of the product and will not curl or crack
Border is available in black and yellow striped
18" and 36" Tiles available
Electrically Conductive
Recommended for distribution, manufacturing and retail facilities for picking lines, assembly lines, work stations, check-out stations and more

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