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Ergonomic Flooring
ErgoDeck General Purpose - Solid with GRITSHIELD - Product no. 567ErgoDeck General Purpose - Solid with GRITSHIELD
Product 567
12: ErgoDeck General Purpose - Solid with GRITSHIELD
Product no. 567


A comfortable, ergonomic floor that will withstand heavy use. The patented LockSafe Positive Interlocking System delivers secure connections. Perfect for lean manufacturing, tiles can be unlocked and repositioned as work centers change to fit customer needs. The optional 6" side safety ramps and corners have countersunk holes for semi-permanent installation. ErgoDeck General Purpose with GRITSHIELD increases traction by 40% and addresses worker health and comfort in areas with primarily foot traffic and light cart traffic.

Standard Color: Charcoal

Standing relief in wet or dry applications
Customize in 3' increments to fit any area or configuration
Positive Interlocking System prevents separation
Easily replace single pieces or sections as needed to reduce costs
100% Silicone Free PVC tiles provide maximum durability

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